Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to make Magic Powders

You will need:

Dried Herbs
Essential Oils
Glitter or Colored Sand
Mortar and Pestle
Mason Jar
Small bottle with cork or container with lid

Magic Powders are dried herbs which have been ground up super- fine. They are sprinkled to release their power.  

In a mortar and pestle grind together the dried herbs.  Be sure to keep your magic goal firmly in your mind. If you skip this step the magic powder will not be programmed and the magic will be lost.

Pour the herbs in a mason jar with lid, and then add a drop of two of essential oil. You may or may not decide to add essential oils to the recipe, but if you do, only use a drop or two, else you will make your powder sticky.  

If you wish, you may also add extra–fine glitter or colored sand to the mixture.   Put the lid on the Mason jar and shake vigorously. Again, be sure to concentrate on the magical purpose of your powder.

Here are some examples:

 Wishing Powder
 Herbs – Sage, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Dandelion Whirly Seeds
Hold the powder in your hands, feel its energies and visualize your wish with perfect clarity. Summon the power within you and send it into the powder. When it is alive with energy, fling it as far from you as you can.  As the powder touches the Earth, it releases its energy and guides your wish into manifestation.

Health Powder
Herbs - Chamomile, Fever few, Foxglove, Verlaine
Essential Oil - Rose Geranium
Sprinkle on or around a bed or room where a person is in need of good health.

Luck Powder
Herbs - Irish Moss, Nettle, Star Anise, Clover
Essential Oil - Vanilla
Use to bring positive changes into your life