Monday, June 22, 2015

Beach Bum Re-use!

Being a total beach bum, and spending most of my time at the beach... over the years I've tried to look like this picture!  Hence, my collection of Beach Wraps!  But, unfortunately, if you have Tits... these don't work well.... but they were so pretty, I couldn't get rid of them!!

Over the years I've used and reused them in a ton of ways... from Alter covers to window coverings!

This pretty blue one is in my bathroom... keeps the summer sun from broiling me when sitting on the potty!

This one is in the bedroom window.... it used to block out the moon!!!  Seems my bedroom window is the perfect frame for a full moon, making sleep almost impossible... but this keeps it's glow down, but doesn't block the light.

End table coverings!  I've done this on a lot of end tables!!!

Now, will I stop buying these.... nope, they are cheap and pretty, just because my tits are too big to tie them around, doesn't mean I can find use's for them!