Saturday, December 10, 2011

Planning for spring

This is one of the new, and different plants I'm thinking of growing this summer.... very interesting!

You have to get 2, for cross pollination, but it might be worth it.

Sea Buckthorn

Small, tart berries appear in abundance on this 8to12-ft bush. winter-hardy shrub in late summer.

Citrus-flavored fruit matures in early fall and is wonderful in tea, jams, jellies and as a juice.

Very high in vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn has been used medicinally for centuries in Asia and Europe.
Silvery-green foliage makes this an ideal ornamental.

Plant male and female within 20 ft. of each other for pollination. One male will pollinate up to seven females. Does best in full sun. Potted plants. Zones 3-7.