Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Slow working

I've been going nuts to work outside!!! It's been such a mild winter, that the need to work outside is even worse then during a bad winter!

I painted all my flower pots, and they are just sitting inside, waiting for the warmer weather to come.

Matt comes home from school this week, so I'm make him come with me to get soil for the pots... I hate trying to carry them myself... so it's a perfect job for him when he's home on spring break!!! He doesn't know yet... so shhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell!!!

I want to open all my windows and do my spring cleaning, and cleansing of the house, but it's still not that time yet. Sooonnnnnnnn, my friends, soooooooonnnnnnn!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture....even with all the pink :D

Love the spring look on the blog...and I am sooooooo looking forward to some warm sunshine!!!