Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ugh! I'm so ashamed

I'm really ashamed of myself.... I've been whining.

Now I'm a really easy going person, but I find that if you make me drive long distances... to a place I've never been... when I get out of the car I start whining... and worse... I can hear my self whining and I CAN'T STOP!

I'm not good with driving distances to begin with... I get panic attacks. But when it's somewhere I haven't been too before it's even worse.

I had to go up to some creepy dirt town by Atlantic city, and instead of being thrilled with the adventure... I was having panic attacks, and then the whining began!

And this all could have been avoided if I just said NO! NO, I'm not going to your party! NO, I'm not driving 2 hours to meet with you all!!! NO, NO, NO!!!!

My friend Mike says I have to be forced to socialize... and that's true. I'm much happier in my house, in my town, in my own little world.

And socializing at home is PERFECT!!! I don't have a problem socializing if you COME TO MY HOUSE!!! Or at least my TOWN!!! But going 2 hours to socialize with people I don't know... uh uh, not going to happen again!!!!

And yes, I am typing this while putting my lower lip out, pouting and stamping my foot.... cope!

And it's all my fault, because I wanted to get out and socialize, but I didn't realize the amount of time and driving it would cost me.

I need to find friends closer to me!!!!

I wanted to join the Star Trek club to get out and have fun, and meet new people... but can it please be closer to home? Now I'm stuck! I'm such a smuck!!!!!