Friday, June 15, 2012

The story of adjusting

When I first moved down the shore, I had a LOT of adjusting to do.  Every house I owned, before, had large expansive gardens and lawns.  I also had a hubby with 2 rotor tillers, and the strength to do the hard work.

Moving here, I was a widow, and to tell you the truth I welcomed only having a patio to work with.  The rest of the lot was buried under tons and tons of white rock!

I managed for like 6 months, and then I missed my gardens.  So the first thing I did was in front of the house.... moving tons and tons of gravel, I cleared a little patch in front for my trellis and some flowers... after that I was EXHAUSTED!

So, I decided to try Patio planting.  Planter Planting... something I had never done before... why should I with all that nice dark soil at my other house's. 

But even the soil here at the shore isn't right for most planting, it's all sand..... so off I went to try Container planting..... AND I SUCCEEDED!!!! But, don't ask me how since I just really winged it!

My Gogi berry bush is 3 years old.  From a tiny tiny snip, to a nice sized bush... no berry's yet, but I have hope for next year

I found that blueberry's LOVE containers!!!!  I started out with 2, and now I have 5 of them... this is the biggest and oldest one.  I pick blueberry's till I think I'm going to BURST!  And even have tons let for share with the local Mocking Bird, who loves them also!

I planted strawberry's in my cauldron, and dug out enough of the rocks to ring it with lavender!  Lavender LOVES sandy, sunny soil, and it grows and grows and grows.... and I don't have to do a darn thing to it... except harvesting the fragrant smelling herb. 

And the Strawberry's produce almost all summer. They love the cauldron!

This is a new one this year.  I got a big purple bucket at Big Lots, and planted Carrots!  As you can see they are going NUTS!  I keep pulling carrots out, and it seems more keep coming!

I guess container planting wasn't as hard as I thought I would be!