Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Candle Powders

I find this works better then oils to anoint candles.... less chance of dangerous flair ups and fires~

Candle powders are a great addition when preparing spell candles. They're easy to make, and add extra kick to spell work when the powder has been properly charged during it's making. Good bases for candle powders are:

unscented cornstarch, fine saw dust or baking powder. The herbs must finely ground before mixing them with the base. (food processor is fantastic for this... also coffee bean grinders! and of course mortar and pestles... but that takes a lot of work!)

Also you can add a few drops of food color to the powders to give them the color you need for a specific spell... and pretty too!

To use, 1st anoint the candle with the water (moon blessed water is best to use), then either lightly dust the candle by sprinkling it with the appropriate powder, or pour some of the powder out on a flat surface and roll the damp candle in it.

HEALING: 1/4 cup base, 1/2 tspn each of rosemary, sandalwood, vervain and basil.

LOVE: 1/4 cup base, 1/2 tspn each of catnip, basil, yarrow and jasmine.

MAGICK: 1/4 cup base, 1/2 tspn each of dragon's blood, cinnamon, patchouli and rosemary

PROSPERITY: 1/4 cup base, 1/2 tspn each of nutmeg, jasmine, cinnamon and bayberry.

BANISHING: 1/4 cup base, 1/2 tspn each of clove, frankincense, ginger and pepper.


Leeanna Henderson said...

that's so cool! I never thought of that. Thanks!

Linda Wildenstein said...

I'm so excited to read this. The grands will love to help with this one and learn at the same time. Love this. Thanks so much. Blessings, Oma Linda