Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hot Baths

So many people today have given up the idea of a nice hot bath, to take a quick shower.  I've heard.... I don't have time to soak.... or.....ewww your just sitting in dirty water!  But a shower doesn't raise your body temperature, because parts of you are always exposed to the air!!!

Now I'm talking a soaking bath, not a washing bath. If you want to soap up take a quick shower.... a TRUE hot bath uses no soap!!! 

Just soaking and rubbing your legs and arms to increase circulation.

But what people don't get is the for century's a hot bath has been the mainstay of life.  The Greek baths, Japanese hot baths, all the way back to roman times and further... Hot baths have been a way to maintain your health.

And it's not just for cleaning. 

A hot bath raised your bloods temp, killing of bacteria,  and cancer  cells that may be free floating in your blood stream.

But it has to be a very hot bath.  Sometimes after a bath I actually lay down in front of a fan till my body cools off.  The hotter the better.

Another great tip is to spray some "leave in" conditioner in your hair in the morning... and when you take your bath, after you soak... lay back and immerse your hair in the hot water... switching it back and forth, don't shampoo it..... it soaks the conditioner deep into your hair and makes is sooooooo soft.  Just towel dry and comb.  You will be shocked at the difference in your hair!

You can add some salt if you wish, to cleanse your aura, but don't add anything else!

At least once a week, and you will see a marked improvement in your Joints, hair, and health!!!!

Take the time to be good to yourself!


The Frog Queen said...

Baths are my favorite!!!