Sunday, January 20, 2013

Home brews

To make the lemon

4 1/4 cup 95% alcohol
 7 ripe lemons, thoroughly washed and dried
4 1/4 cups water 

 1 lb sugar 
To start:
Shave off yellow part of the lemons rinds using a potato peeler. Put lemon rinds in a large glass bottle and add alcohol. Cover the bottle with plastic wrap to prevent alcohol from evaporating and let rest for 12 days at room temperature.

Boil water. Remove from heat and add sugar. 
Stir until all the sugar has dissolved and let cool.
Drain 12-day old alcohol of the lemon rinds and add it to the sugared water.
 Set aside for an additional 10 days in a sealed glass bottle.
After 10 days, it's  ready.

 It is best served chilled as a digestive after a meal.

 To make flavored liqueurs. Raspberry

For the raspberry:

  2 pints of organic berries and 2 cups of vodka.
After steeping for 2 weeks all the color from the raspberry transfers to the vodka along with the their fabulous flavor.
Strain gently, and add equal quantity of cooled simple syrup.
Store for another 2 weeks before its ready to be served.