Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For your info

My best friend Barb can't understand why I like facebook so much.... It's not hard to explain...

 In a person to person setting, people tend to think I'm very slow mentally, or a dumb blonde...All because I can't hear what's being said. 

I have only 10% hearing in one ear, and the others even worse...besides that I have a constant sound of my heart beat in my ears, and at times, a ringing that is loud.... and I just got freaking tired of asking everyone to repeat what they said... so I just sit, nod, and hope I catch something that I can put together in my mind and know what's being said! 

 Hence, she must be really stupid, she just doesn't get it, or my fave, sorry it's too complicated for you. In reality I'm a member of MENSA... stupid isn't what they call me.. believe me. 

 And facebook offers me the opportunity to talk and joke and gab WITHOUT having to hear a word! A lot of my friends have disability's that are very apparent when you see them.. someone who's deaf is a not in that category, because we seem pretty normal on the outside. 

You can tell people all the time "sorry, I can't hear you" and they pretty much ignore it the next time they talk to you.

 Simple things like.... touch me on the shoulder to get my attention... make sure you talk to me in an area without tons of background noise... also, cell phone suck! Can only hear ever other word or so. Land lines rock! talking close to my ear helps a lot too. and I'm really good reading quirking eyebrows and finger gestures. Make sure your mouth and face aren't covered when you talk to me... lip reading helps me a lot, and PLEASE DON'T TALK TO ME WHEN YOUR BEHIND ME! But, facebook is fun, I don't have to strain cause no ones talking out loud, so I'm sticking with it. I love you all, but people who hear can sometime be giant putz's!


Bella Foxglove said...

I can so relate to this. My hearing is bad too, especially in one ear. I can't stand phones of any sort, I just can't hear on them. I rely very heavily on the internet in general for my communications, and a lot of people just think I am "addicted to the internet."

I hate it when people try to talk to me while walking away from me, or over their shoulder. I read lips to get by as well1

Judy said...

My hearing is going also...The other day, I read a post somewhere that suggested that hearing devices should be considered like glasses... No one minds wearing glasses and no one comments on glasses...I'm going to have to do something soon...