Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am not my religion

I post a lot about my religion.  Here, on Facebook, twitter... because lack of information, knowledge, cause's fear. And fear is dangerous!

But I can't be defined by my religion. It's a big part of me, raised in me as a child, and nurtured as I grew... but It's NOT all I am.

Far from it!  I am so much more. 

But I plod along, spreading the word that being Wicca, or Pagan is NOT a bad thing. 

We see NO EVIL, we practice NO EVIL.

 We are the light, the earth, the sea.

We are peace, and calmness and love.

Knowledge is key to calming fear and anger.

So I'll spread that knowledge, in any way, any where I can.  And while it seems it dominates my life... that is  far away from the truth!

Religion is not ME, only a small part of me.  Yes it's part that is ingrained in my soul, but souls are big, and there is so much more room in them of lots of everything else.

every time you see a pentagram around a woman or mans neck, see that they are proud of themselves, free with their love of the Gods and Goddess... but see past to what they really are. 

We may surprise you!