Thursday, July 18, 2013


I noticed a few comments saying I stole a recipe  for a certain person or web site.

I'm sorry, did you think you were the only person with a recipe for strawberry short cake????

Now I admit, when I add a picture, I get it off of GOOGLE. It doesn't show who posted the picture, but it does show if it's copywritted... and those I stay away from!

So the photo could very well come from your posting... if it's on Google, it probably has, like a lot of the photo's I post, and probably the one you posted on your blog too.... so please forgive me re-using it.

And I only re-post craft articles .... with the by line who posted it... and a link, back to the origianl author... IF IT HAS THAT.  And I make sure, things I re-post have no authors or names connected to it. 

Since I don't toll other peoples blogs for my materials, most of the crafty ideas come from Pinterst, and they don't show up belonging to anyone... they have been reposted too many times.

But, please, if I do re post something that was re posted by you first... instead of nasty comments.... Just put the link to your page in the comment section.... this way people will click on it, and go to your page and enjoy!!!