Friday, April 14, 2006

One of my favort spring ditties that I've written. LOL

Little bunnies hopping round
as I smash them in the ground
spring is here I hear them say
but those bunnies are too gay
smash them down, and grind them up
bunny butter for my sup

"The name Easter, like the names of the days of the week, is a survival from the old Teutonic mythology. According to Bede [an eight century monk] it is derived from Eostre, or Ostdra, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, to whom the month answering to our April, and called Eoster-monath, was dedicated."
("Easter", Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition)
So there you have it. Easter is actually the name of a pagan goddess.

What is the significance of the Easter Bunny? Both the easter egg and the bunny symbolize fertility and new life. Celebrating fertility is very much a pagan tradition. It is obvious why the egg symbolizes fertility, and if you remember the expression "they breed like rabbits", then you will also see why the bunny rabbit symbolizes fertility -- rabbits breed prolifically.


Dreamers Night said...

Sooo your saying that if all our fertility symbols are wrapped up in a neat little package of chocolate were all good to go?