Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To re-incarnate or not that is the question

Like there is diversity in people, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white, and so on..... There is also diversity in reincarnation. But, if you look, there are ways of telling.

When people die, they go into a choice stage. They can stay dead. Like a soap opera fan, some people pick this. They have kids and spouses who they want to watch and see how their lives fan out. Then you have those who refuse to admit they have died, they remain ghosts who roam the world over trying to figure out why no one see's them or pays attention to them. Then you have those who figure.... What the hell...... Let's try that again..... And off they go to live again.

Now you can tell those who are trying again. And in some simple ways. One thing is that most who die in the older ages, are born pissed off!!!! Yep, they have some rudiments memory or even all their memory's and are pissed off because they forgot one little fact.... When you come back, it's as a new born!!!! All of a sudden from a 50 yr old women, they are back in diapers again, can't communicate, and are generally pissed off at having someone run their lives!!!! Grouchy baby's, that cry, lash out, even bite as toddlers are just frustrated reincarnation.

They generally settle down once they can communicate and have their own mobility, then they start to forget, and start enjoying being young again. Those baby's that are born happy, bubbly, they remember the most, and are totally happy going to do it all over again. Or they have almost no memory, so they don't react to the stress's of being dependent again.

those baby's that for some reason or another die in the early stages, they decided that they don't like the choice they made, weather it's their sex, color, or parents.... They go for starting over again right away. Sometimes it's just the fact they can't cope with the memory's and choose not to do it all over again.

They usually won't be born again for quite a while, while they come to grips with what went on in their past lives.

Then there are the baby's that excel. They remember the most, and are determined to do it over again, and get it right. They grow healthy and intelligent. Do good in school, and marriage, and have down right gorgeous kids. They have coped the best, and retained the most from past lives.

But there are always gliches. They married the wrong man, didn't feel they reaised the kids right, were sick most of the time..... They are the strongest of the ones that die and are reborn almost with in the same week.

They are determined to get it right, not knowing the life is a gamble, and it's almost never perfect. When they realize that, then they remain dead instead of trying over and over again.