Thursday, April 27, 2006

My garden

Since I've moved down the shore, I no longer have a huge yard to take care of My lot is gravel, I do have a place in the front of the house that I cleared of gravel and planted flowers, including some nice rose bushes. And I have a huge cement patio to have planters on. In one large planter I have tomatoes, in the next I have a blueberry bush, the 3rd I have some nice egg plant plants, then another blueberry bush, then artichokes, and more artichokes. LOL I also have a nice bird feeder that I planted rosemary and lavender around.

They are just the perfect size for me!!!! Since I'm getting old, I don't have to bend, or weed or plow the earth. Just fill the containers and plant. It's realy nice!!!!!

In the front I have the rose bushes, and peonys, and bamboo, and tulips and such, they aren't in containers, so I do have to kneel to work with them, and kneeling on the gravel is murder..... but well worth it!!! When the rose's and peonys bloom I'll post some pictures, but it's too eary for that yet. LOL

I know I've always had huge gardens, and fruit trees, and tons of flower and flowering bushes, and I did miss that when I first moved down the shore.... but they had become so much work to up keep them, that I was always exhusted all summer.... now I relax, sit on my rocker and water the containers, and enjoy. What a wonderful change!!!!! Not that I still don't miss my old yards, but when I think of the work, I'm much better now! LOL