Monday, May 08, 2006

Weird times

I recently had two old friends call me. Both who I haven't spoken to in at least a year. Both who pissed me off royal......... And now want to make nice, nice, and make up with me!!!!!

It really amazes me. One of them, I have no fucking idea what went wrong.

I didn't say, or do anything, but one of my other friends did.... And for some reason, they took their anger out on me.

Now, I admit that I have a mouth..... But when it's NOT my mouth that says the things..... Why get mad at me??? Well, the person that DID say the things is pissed off at it all.......... And planning to get major revenge!

Why???? Who the fuck knows, since the person isn't mad at them, but at me!!!! Duhhhhhh, some people are just nuts, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. LOL

Well, I'm not up to making friends with this person again.... Not for a while at least....Because they were wrong, and haven't apologized for it. And the one who started all the trouble..... Well, she's plotting to tell the other's story all over a place we go to, and let people know not to trust, or think this other person is even the least bit sane. Which isn't fair, since the old friend has lots of friends there, and it would be totally embarrassing for her. I can't let happen!!!!!

Yes, I'll try to stop her from doing that. There's no reason she should spread story's, even though they are true, she shouldn't do it. I have her half convinced to leave well enough alone, and just forget it. And I'm planning to do even more to make sure she does. Not that revenge wouldn't be sweet..... But I like my own revenge, thanks! Giggle

The other is an old girlfriend that I've been with for years, she got married And he was too jealous to allow her to hang with her friends. She now, has gotten rid of him, and called me up. She apologized for her actions And I have more then accepted. I missed her! So we are back to being friends again, and it's nice. I love to have someone to shop with and chat with each day. You know what they say, old friends are gold!!!! And before her marrage, she was the best thing!!!