Sunday, May 28, 2006


Long ago, and far away, people believed that Crow's brought luck and bad luck down on people. Here's some interesting facts on how to tell the future by the Crow's you see in your yard.

Crow on right: good journey
Crow behind: you obtain siddhi
A crow flapping his wings, calls: great accident
Crow pulls human hair: death
Crow eats dirty food: food and drink about to come
Crow on thornbush: enemy
Crow on milksap tree: milkrice to you
Crow on withered tree: no food and drink
Crow on palace: excellent halting place
Crow on divan: enemy will come
Crow facing door: peril at frontier
Crow pulling dress: dress to you
Crow on skull: death
Crow with red thread on house: fire


East An enemy appears on the road
Southeast A treasure will come to you
South You will die of disease
Southwest The wishes of one's heart fulfilled
West Relatives will come
Northwest Obtaining property predicted
North Homage will be done to the king
Zenith You will obtain advantage you hoped for


East: Wishes will be fulfilled
Southeast: An enemy will approach
South: A friend will visit
Southwest: Unexpected profit will accrue
West: Great wind will rise
Northwest: A stranger will appear
North: Scattered property will be found
Northeast: A woman will come
Zenith: A demon will appear