Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grown Not Fun Any More

You know, I just realized that I have become MAJOR lacking in fun!

Yes, me...... The girl who had TONS of parties!!!!!!! Some of them memorable.

Like the picnic for my old Club the Ascension. We had a good picnic and then it started to rain, and we all wound up back at my house! Like 100 people. And most of them slept over. Slept every where they could. LOL I remember my friend Mikie sleeping in the fireplace!!!! Because he couldn't find a spot on the floor. And this was in my old, old house witch had 5 bedrooms, 3 livingrooms (formal, den, family room) And floor space wasn't available. (Plus I arranged, and started the Chocolate Party's at Shore Leave!!!!)

My Halloween party's were fantastic!!!!!! And Christmas party's were sublime. I used to have a Memorial day party every year!!!! One year I had over 80 people squeezed into a back porch and tent on the driveway..... Because it was raining. And EVERYONE has a marvelous time!!!!

My party's for the star trek club in Pa were great also. Lots of food, different rooms for different things. The living room was dancing, the den was for sex talk, the other room was for serious talk..... It was a blast.

I haven't had a party in over 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

Have I grown old and stodgy??????

I could blame it on moving a lot.... I know I have. LOL

I've lived in 4 house's since the days on the Ascension. I kept buying house's and fixing them up and moving again. Fun yes, but I've misplaced a lot of friends over the years by moving so much.

Then I because close friends with Mary. I tried to fit my party's around her and her friends schedule, and it never seemed to work out..... So I gave up having party's and let them have them...... And I have to add, HORRIBLE PARTY'S they had. People with mental problems, fights, bad food!!! But, she was my best friend, so I went along with it. LOL

NO ONE would go to their party's except for a select few..... And HAY.... NO FUCKING DRINKS!!!! A lot of people refused to come because it was a dry Party. Now I, myself don't drink much, but others do.

Hummmmm What am I going to do about it???? I've been thinking and thinking. I'm going to go to shore leave this year and re-connect with my old friends! I've been out of the group for so long, it's going to be really hard, but I'm going to try! I live down the shore now, so maybe that will swing things in my direction.

People love to have someone down the shore, so that they don't have to pay to stay at the beach. And I'm not with Mary and her band of misfits anymore.... So that should help some. Plus I'm bringing my Daughter Jaime to Shore Leave, and she had tons of friends there too.........

I'm going back to the party's and fun, and food, and friends. I've been gone from it tooooooooooooooo looooooong!