Sunday, May 21, 2006

The End of Charmed

Tonight is the last episode of Charmed. I'm going to really miss that show. I've enjoyed 8 years of my favorite Witches.

I think the show has gone a long way in making my religion viable with others. Yes, we are a legal religion, yes, we are the oldest religion, but there are still incredibly STUPID people out there who relate being Wiccian to being devil worshipers!!!!

No matter how many times we try to explain that Wicca doesn't even believe in the devil. There is no such thing!!! Slow, unintelligent people still believe in their fears and lack of understanding. Which is why or main motto is "NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING TIMES"

Charmed has helped a lot, the main reason it was made......

Yes dears, who do you think made up that idea for a show???? I'm not the only witch around.....Get a life.

Of course they did make it a bit, just a bit, larger then life, but that's TV.

Not all witches are CURRENTLY young and slim and sexy.... LOL But we all were at one time!!!!!

All the phases must be gone through...... Goddess, Mother, and last of all Crone! It's life, simple isn't it.

But I'm going to miss it!!!