Sunday, July 19, 2015


I'm going to tell you guys a little secret of mine.  I figure who better to share it with then my witchy friends.

People are always complementing me on my skin... then they find out I'm over 60 and freak out!!!
I'm not saying I look 20, but I sure can pass for under 40... and this is my secret.

Get a bottle that closes... don't matter what shape or anything... but make sure it's GLASS! 

In the bottle I add equal portions of WHITE VINEGAR, AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (you have to add both)  and then top it off with a HUGE DOLLOP OF HONEY.... shake it up, and it's ready. (do not refrigerate, keep it on your bathroom counter)

Every night after you wash and dry your face (no soap unless you have makeup on, otherwise just use hot water)  You take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution.  And dab it all over you face... especially where there are wrinkles (light or deep ones, it doesn't matter... and any discoloration spots on your face too)

Now comes the NOT SO FUN PART!  It's going to BURN! 

First off, if you apply it around your eyes.. make sure you have a fan of some sort to keep fanning your face... or the VINEGAR vapors with make your eyes water!!!

Then sit there.... go on your computer or watch TV and see how long you can last with that shit burning your face...

I've made it to 10 minutes, but that's after months of doing it!!!

Then run and wash that stuff off!!

This is NOT a fast fix!  It'll take months to have the same effect as a Doctors Acid Peel... but much gentler.

It also fix's your skins PH... if your oily or dry or a mix... GONE!  Just normal skin is left... no more shinny nose's!!

Another thing I suggest is to take one face towel, wash it a few times, and DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!!! 

Keep the towel as rough as you can get it, and use it to rub down your face after you wash the vinegar off!!  This will get rid of the dead cells and allow fresh ones to grow!

 (don't hear those cretins who tell you to dab your face dry.. the rougher the better... gets rid of all those old dry cells!)

sound horrible, doesn't it???  But, try it for a month... and see what happens... You will never regret it!!!