Tuesday, July 07, 2015


When you have good manners, and people don't care or use them themselves... I get pissed!!

When someone calls me... the first thing I say is "Hi, what up?"  and then I sit there for like an hour as they tell me EVERYTHING they are up to... including family members that I don't give a fuck about!!  I asked, and I expect this.

But, after they are finished.... NOTHING... they don't ask me how I've been, or "What's up" NOT ONE FREAKING TIME!

Also, when someone is sick.... I'll call them after a few days.... just to find out how they are doing, if they need anything, check on them....I'll even ask a few weeks or months later how they are doing.... especially if it's an injury. when I'M SICK... NOT ONE FREAKING CALL.... EVER!

I recently found out I have Polycystic kidney disease... and I'm wasn't doing great.... I told my sister and friends about it..... and NOTHING!  I haven't heard one word from them asking how I am!!!  They call me to tell me EVERY FREAKING THING THEY DO.... but not ONE question about me, or how I'm doing... NOT ONE!

I also will call someone after they have a party or big shindig... to find out how it went.  Did they have fun?  How was the food?  And yet..... when I'm going to a party... I won't hear a word from anyone.

Honestly.... I don't know if it's just I have better manners.... or that my family and friends just don't give a flying fuck about me..... I'm pretty sure it's the last one!!!

I'm thinking it might be time to cut all ties with those fair weather friends and family.  maybe there are people out there who care... and want to know how I am?


Iesadora said...

OMGdess it sucks soooo much being a better person!!! Its really a horrid gut retching feeling when realizing this =( I wish I could offer you some kind of comfort but all I have is big, warm, love filled hug - here it comes - ::HUG::