Saturday, October 01, 2005


Can someone tell me what it is about the heat going on that drives my cat into complete panic!!!!!! The air conditioner has been on all summer, and I can't tell the difference in the sound of the heat or air conditioner...But let me tell you MY FUCKING CAT CAN!!!!

I turned the heat on for the first time this fall, just to check it out. And he preceded to run around the house making the most god offial sound. Not a meow, but more of a call....... Like he was in pain or something. Only after the heat went off did he calm down. Jeeze!

This goes on every fall when the heat first goes on. I know I have forced hot air, and it does smell funny when the heat comes on for the fist time....But he's a total spazzzzz case. LOL

Well, last time it took a full day for him to get used to it, so I guess it will this time also.