Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rain, Rain, Everywhere!!!!!

It's like living in Seattle!!!! We've had constant rain for almost a week now. Not just drizzle, but pouring rain! And I love it!!!! You know why?

Well, I've lived in a lot of house's. My first house had a basement that flooded. We had to put eveything up on blocks to stop the rain from getting it. Even the furnace was on blocks. But, we thought we were smart, and had a company come in and water proof the basement. Days of digging, pipe laying, an such, and you know what. It didn't do a fucking bit of good!!!! Soon as it rained it flooded again, maybe not as much, but there was still water down there.

For those of you with a dry basement, you have know idea the hours and hours you can spend mopping, and pumping and doing all you can do to save your stuff and nothing works.

The second house, it was a bi-level, so it didn't have a basement, and we built it so we put in French drains around the house, so no water. But the property flooded like nuts. We were down the mountain, with a pond. So when it rained the water flowed down the mountain, into our pond, and down in to the woods. It was like a raging river on rainy days, but... Nothing in the house. Yuppie.

The next house had a wet basement again. But it was mainly fixable. The one gutter in the front of the house would come apart and rain water would fill the basement. So as long as that gutter didn't come apart, no water. But it always came apart!!!! We screwed it, glued it, and prayed over it, but the wind would whip up, and the basement would take on water. Sigh

The next house had 2 sump pumps down the basement. One on either side of the room. Now you would think that with 2 sump pumps we would be safe.... And they worked rather well, for a while. Then they would become overwhelmed, and again, water in the basement. Sigh By now, I'm fucking tired of being wet, mopping, and freaking out every time it rained. What should be a soothing sound of rain on the roof, would make us go nuts since we knew it would be in the house in a few hours.

Well, this time I fucking took care of the problem. I bought a Mobil home!!!! NO FREAKING BASEMENT!!!! No running up and down the stairs to start the sump pump, no mopping for hours and hours. No wet smell constantly!!!! It's fantastic!!!!

But then my friends call, and I have to hear all about the creeping water in their basements, I feel terrible.... But happy at the same time that it isn't me! Now, of course, I feel guilty that I feel good, LOL

But for the first time in my life, I'm sitting down with a cup of tea, and a book and looking out the window to the rain, and smiling!!!! Yep, smiling. Sighing in contentment, loving the sound of the rain on the roof, and just being happy.

But enough is enough. It's been a week. My clothing feels wet from the humidity, and my car feels wet, and the air is thick and saturated. Enough now!!!! Thank you

Rain, rain go away
come again some other day.
If our basement is wet and sticky
it will make us all quite sickey
so dry up and go away
rain on someone else's house today!!!!


Emerld said...

What stories! I have a basement but it's been very dry in St. Louis this year. Love your comments on my blog! Where's Mary? Tell her I said hi!