Monday, October 24, 2005


Ahhhh Isn't this the life. We have had rain just about forever, and tonight they are saying it's going to get waaaaay worse as a no'easter blows in to our town. That means high winds, lots of rain, power outages..... All that good stuff. You know, the type of thing where you watch your garbage cans float down the road and off into the sunset. LOL Well, living in NJ I'm sorta used to there things. This is what I do.

1. Fill the bathtub with cold water. I can't abide not being able to flush the toilet, and when power goes out, most of the time the pump that fills the tank with water goes too.... So a bathtub is good to refill the tank so you can flush, plus it water for drinking

2. Thank the Goddess that I have GAS HEAT. Gas is cool. If the power goes off, you can light the stove with a match. And cook, even when all others are eating cold shit. Plus you can light the oven with a match.... And leave the door open to give yourself some heat. Nice if the storm hits in winter and you have no electricity. This is why I always get gas heat and appliances in the house. Great for emergency's.

3. Get all the candles ready, spread them around the house, make sure they aren't on or by any thing that can be set on fire. Keep your lighter in your pocket. Most of the time in the dark you can find your candles...But your lighter is too small to see

4. Make sure all your door and windows are closed, so no rain or wind whips in. Including your storm doors, which have a habit of being ripped off their hinges

5. Make sure there is nothing in your yard that can become airborne and smash into something. I love cast iron patio furniture, it doesn't move an inch in bad weather.

6. And then settle in, make a cup of tea, try not to jump everything it sounds like your roof is ripping off, and enjoy.


Emerld said...

Oh boy! A big storm! We had one of those on Halloween in Chicago. It was amazing. Hope you keep your power!