Monday, July 17, 2006

Heat Prepared

It's very hot outside, even more for the shore area, so I'm taking pre-cautions. I have central air conditioning, but I don't want to get a HUGE bill from running it. So I'm:

1. Making sure all the doors and windows are closed, and locked
2. Dimming the rooms by keeping the curtains closed, and the blinds down and almost totally closed
3. Running a regular fan in the living room, to make sure the air keeps flowing... Plus it really helps keeping things cool
4. Keeping my air conditioner on a higher setting (low for cooling, high for less cooling) I have it set at like 78 or 80. I don't want it running constantly, and with the blinds and curtains closed, it should stay cooler in the house. Plus the fan makes it feel even cooler

It's too hot to even think of going to the beach!!!

Shore area hint: if it's really, really hot, then the breeze is off the land, not the water. And being off the land, the beach would be a huge sweat box. Once the breeze turns and comes off the water, it cools down a lot!

I also made sure I got up early and went out and watered all the plants super wet, early when the sun wasn't so bright yet, and I'll do it again tonight once the sun sets. Don't want my plants wilting because of the heat, and keeping them well watered is the trick to that.

I also made sure the rear windows on my car were open a bit, I don't like the inside of the car to roast, since this affects the plastic dash and such. Don't have a garage, so I needs some small air ventilation. Also made sure both side windows are cracked a notch.

Another hint is to do all your cleaning, vaccuming ect, early in the morning while the house is still much cooler!


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