Monday, July 10, 2006

Shore Leave

I'M BACK!!!!! I have to admit to having a blast!!!! It was so relaxing going with my daughter and Ty and Steph! Great roommates!!!! For once, unlike the last 3 years, NO DRAMA!!!! yipppieeeee

It was fun, we danced, laughed, swam in the pool, shopped and had a really great time!!!!

Oh I do have to tell you, the girl that got "robbed" last year at the con? You know the one I didn't believe, well it "happened again"

This time some other people got robbed, and I saw her and her group at breakfast, laughing, and having fun. Till they heard the other people in the room talking about getting their rooms robbed...... And we all laughed like crazy when 10 minutes later she was at the desk complaining that SHE got robbed too.

Now she was robbed last year, (even though she said on her blog that it was 3 years ago, no it was last year!) not only did the hotel pay for all her meals, and all the meals of her guests, but she got to see some cute cops (she obsesses about cops! Just loves them!!) but at the end of the con, the hotel gave her all the money that was robbed back to her.

I actually believed her, that first time, until later in the day she was spending TONS of cash!!!!!! Cash that she said had been stolen by a "robber"??????? Then I knew that she was pulling one of many scams she played on the hotel over the years..... From dirty rooms, to other things just to get a room free for the night, or sometimes the whole weekend.

Honestly, I would have loved to do some of them myself, everyone would, since getting free meals and stuff is good. But, she does it year after year after year, and the stupid bitch that is the hotel manager hasn't caught on!!!!!!!

I sometimes want to write the hotel and let them know what she's pulling, but I figure if they are so stupid that they can't figure it out.... That every year she has some kind of drama with the hotel, then it's their fault..... And they don't deserve to know about it.

But it's a shame, she says she's HONEST, yet does this year after year. She even lies to herself, along with me and many many others. LOL And I feel for the con artist shit! I'm really ashamed of myself for not seeing thru her, but she's so good at it!!!!

But this year I had fun, no drama, no liar's, no crap, and I'm glad I went and can laugh about this now.

NOT MY PROBLEM, anymore.

but I hope she remembers, what comes around goes around. This is probably why she lost her house. Karma is a bitch!!!!! and it's gonna be bitting her for a long time unless she makes up for it...... but each time she convinces herself that what she did, she deserves.... so she's gonna be getting payback for years and years!!

Thank the goddess I keep my Karma balanced!!!!!!