Saturday, July 15, 2006


Being a witch I'm of course a big believer in reincarnation.

Someone brought up and interesting concept to me. We, of course, believe that we are reborn into a new life.

But he says, what if we are reborn, time and time again, into the SAME life. Interesting concept. I do like that. Each time, of course, it would be different, since the paths we take, take us in different directions.

I had a fine and nice childhood, so it wouldn't be a bad thing... Would it. All we would have to do is get our lives right next time. Maybe how we do in school, or how we treat our family, or even who we marry and the children we have. Interesting isn't it.

time after time back into the same old life we go, trying to get it right each time. LOL Maybe after we get it right, then me move on to another time frame, another body.

LOL Maybe something to look forward too :)


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