Wednesday, March 05, 2008


OK! So far it's been a really great birthday!

The gifts Barb gave me I already showed you.

And My son, Matt O., gave me a really nice necklace. It's sterling silver and it has a raven holding a pentacle on it. Nice!!!!! Plus he bought me a pizza for lunch. Yummy, even if I can only eat the toppings!

Now, the other Matt.... my best bud...... he's just a sick puppy. GIGGLE He decided that since I wouldn't tell him what I wanted...... (I just for fun told him "FROGS")

So now he's going to do the frog thing up MAJOR!

So far, on different days, I've gotten a Huge, Fluffy, shinny, FROG PILLOW, the next day I got a really pretty Green Frog Blow glass paper weight.... the next day I got Jolly green frog decals for my tub...... and according to him, there should be TWO more things coming.

GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE I'm having a blast with them!!!!!

Soooooo cute.

I also got cards from him, Barb and my sis!