Sunday, March 09, 2008

working around non-windy days

OK, the Cauldron is filled with soil. Barb told me it took 4 large bags..... but I bought the extra large bags and it took just one!!!!!

(that means I have 3 extra large bags of soil sitting in my car!!!!!)

I bought some RED glads to plant "under" the cauldron, so when they grow it will look like red flames coming up the sides of the cauldron.

What am I planting inside???? I have NO CLUE!!!!

It's in a FULL SUN area, so I'll have to have heat tolerant plants, but the good thing is that I got the moisture control soil.... so that saves on watering.

I know I'm having Honeysuckle growing up the poles holding it. I've already bought them, two of them.

But what's going inside it will have to wait till I can go look around the garden shops.

In the middle I want a plant that will come back year after year, but not get too big, then around the sides I'll plant annuals, so that I can change them when I want too, with my moods.

I also found a nice outdoor folding table to put my herbs on.

Unlike the old table, this one won't rot or fall apart, and my herbs will be up high enough that I can work with them without bending. COOL!!