Monday, March 17, 2008

Quicky Spring Spells

Spirit of Darkness
Spirit of Light
Guide me to the sweet spring nights.
Winter be gone
Spring be here
Stop the Darkness
That I fear.

Sun and Moon, united to bring
The season that we call Spring
Let violets and herbs return to the Earth
Prove your powers and your worth
Apalla and Artemis, united to bring
The special season we call Spring

Moon shining oh so bright guide me through past the devilish light
Call the godesses call the sea call anyhing that can protect me.
Protection lies upon the ground raise it up and put it down.

Howling winds;
Listen twins;
Winds that frighten;
Let your hearts lighten;
The rain that falls;
And the simple squalls;
Put your powers together;
Let them be gone forever!

Let the weather here for a month be clear.
Let all energy be restored, all boredom be floored.