Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I want to make some changes this year with the garden.

I've given the asparagus 3 years, and while I get one or two, it's not enough... so they are coming out. So I have a nice big empty planter to use.
I'm not sure yet what will go in that planter, but the gardening catalogs are making me think! LOL Maybe instead of veggies, I'll plant a shrub or flowers.... I'm not sure yet.

The two long planters, that held spinach, are going to be for beans and cucumbers. I'll put in to wood stakes in the ground, wrap string around them, and put the planters at the base..... so that the beans and such can grow up. Now I've never had luck with cucumbers.... oh they grow, but wind up round like lemons, instead of long.... why? I have no clue! Since beans and cuks have to be at the back so they can reach the string and grow, up front I'll plant my spinach again..... or maybe get new planters for that. I can't live without fresh spinach!!!!!

Instead of a large round tomato, I'm going to plant one "Cherry" tomato. Lots of little ones will be a change, but I'm going to try it. Maybe I'll get less cracking and bruising like on the bigger tomatoes.

And this year I'm forgoing the herbs. I, of course, will still have my rosemary and lavender, (they now are bushes instead of plants!) but the rest of the herbs I won't plant. So that frees up another large planter.

What to put in them...... hummmmmmm, give me a while and I'll figure that out. GIGGLE

I'm going to be looking in the catalogs, and then running to the stores when the seeds come out, I'll think of something interesting! Like the artichokes, I've found that I can grow things not for this zone, with no trouble, so I may as well experiment some more.... right?

Last minute change, do to popular demands of a friend.... One large tomato type plant. giggle She does not like cherry tomatoes... and a Happy Steph, is impotant! giggle


Steph said...

NOOOO!!! I love the large round tomatoes! Can't you just make one little pot of them? PLEASE?!!!