Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK, so while I admit I know that this weather is good for the plants..... fruit tree's don't set fruit unless they have a certain number of days below freezing.....and the ground freezing also kills of plant bacteria in the ground...... I'm still FUCKING COLD!!!!

I sat inside for 4 days, out of coffee, out of sugar, and running real low in milk..... because I didn't want to face the weather.

But that's got to change. Matt starts back up in collage on Thursday... his last semester in four year!!!

So I'm going to have to buck up, face the music and drive him back and forth..... not mentioning... PLEASE DON'T MENTION.... sitting in the car two days a week FREEZING waiting for him.

Thank the goddess it's only 2 days during the week.... I'll run to Lowe's or home depot for the hour, and keep my tushy warm. The other two days, he's there for a few hours, so I can run home and come back again..... but either way, I have to face the cold!!!

BUT I DON'T WANNA (Pouting and stamping my feet!!!) SIGH But I gotta. RATS!

Well, as of today, only 8 WEEKS TILL SPRING!!!!!!