Sunday, January 04, 2009


I got my FIRST GARDENING CATALOG TODAY!!!!!! Ahhhhhh, I love looking thru them in the cold winter. Makes me all warm and fuzzy! GIGGLE

I read a few blogs besides my own, and one of them is from a gardening expert... she even does what's called a "garden walk" every year, and she posts all about her flowers.

I just can't see it. While I love flowers and have quite a few of my own, they are just ornamental. And pretty of course. But the main idea for a garden is the vegetables.... and she has NONE!

How can you garden, and not grow your own food?

I know most of my stuff is container planting, but it's all organic, and home grown. Beans, spinach, artichokes, tomatoes, asparagus, and even blueberry's and gooseberry's.

I guess I figure just growing flowers to be a total waste of the earth. While flowers are pretty, and they feed the soul.... veggies feed the person!

I always have a few containers of flowers, lots of marigolds and mums to keep the buggies away from my veggies..... plus I have honeysuckle, wonderful witch's broom, and this year I'll even plant some Lilac's...... but without the vegetables, it seems a total waste!

Seems to me, that even growing the flowers to her, isn't a joy, it's a competition with others around her. She works so hard for that one weekend where she can show it all off.... that I don't think she gets to enjoy it most of the time.

Well, this summer I'm gonna bite into a nice sun warmed cherry tomato, and slurp down some fresh organic spinach salad, while smelling my pretty flowers, and seasoning everything with my fresh herbs.... and she is going to smell her flowers....and nothing more.

More's the pity