Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have to tell you this.... it's soooooo cute and wonderful.

Last night Brenda showed up.... Seems she and Alan agreed that I deserved the vacation to Shore Leave, and she came with a credit card to pay for the whole thing!!!!! Room, food, tolls, gas... EVERYTHING! And she even told me I had to spend at least a $100 dollars of the money in the dealers room!!!!

Now you have to understand... I don't think they have even WATCHED a Star Trek film!!!

And they didn't want to go WITH ME... just giving me the card so I could go.

Now, I'm NOT an idiot.... if they were going with me, and agreeing to pay, I would have gone LIKE A SHOT!!! But I couldn't accept taking their money, going with out them. That is just not fair. But, Boy did I appreciate the offer!

The sweetest PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!

I am like a pit bull with a robber by the seat of his pants.... I'M NOT GIVING UP YET!!! I have like a week and a half to find the money, and so I won't give up the room till just before it's too late. GIGGLE

But, now that I have have to get my breaks replaced.... that seems further and further away!!!!

But thanks to my darling daughter....Brian, her future hubby, is going to do the breaks for me.... saving me muuuuuuch MONEY!

It's good to know that there are so many wonderful people in the world!

SIGH I just can't seem to win for losing this year!!! And to top it all off, that Friday of Shore Leave, Matt has to be to Rutgers for the two day orientation!!!!! But STILL, I could drop him off early on Friday (he has to be there by 8am) and HOP on the turnpike and still make it to shore leave in plenty of time!!!! Since his friends will be picking him up and taking him home afterwards.