Monday, June 22, 2009

Binding spells

Quick note about the binding spells...... if it's on paper, dig it up, burn it... and say:

Spell that's done, now be undone!

(three times over concentrating on the initial spell)

If you can't find the initial spell to destroy it, just concentrate and say the words, and this should work just as well

Most binding spells have a limit of time they work for..... sort of like ..... hummmmmm.... say an air freshener, works for a while then gets less and less till it's gone.

I usually put a limit on the spells, a time limit. (for the next month, day, week, etc then the spell), but it really isn't necessary because free will will eventually dampen and destroy the initial spell, unless you do it over and over and over again.

But just remember, every thing you do comes back to you 10 times.... so be careful of any harm you may do!!!!


Steph said...

You know eating bran can also help with binding... ~LOL~