Monday, June 29, 2009


I haven't posted about this before, because honestly, I've been just too upset too!

This little darling is my Granddaughter Morganna, she's 7 years old.

A week and a half ago she suffered a series of Strokes! Blood clots to the brain.

Why? No one has that answer, but it happened. They have done every test they can think of, and still no answers as to why it happened.

Due to the quick thinking of Jamie and Brian, she was rushed to the hospital. There they air lifted her to Children's Hospital in Pa.

After 2 brain surgeries to remove the pressure, and blood clots... she's on the road to recovery.

She's still on light pain meds, and has a shunt in her brain to drain fluids... but she's starting to respond!

She's not talking yet, the breathing tube messed up her vocal cords... but Jamie told me she managed to say "no"!

She's responding with thumbs up and down, for yes and no. And now she's nodding and shaking her head for the same thing. Showing everyone, that she's still there and still Morganna!!!!

Her eyesight is still a little messed up, but she is seeing! and they hope any damage is not permanent

She has a long way to go yet, her left side is affected, but they are working with physical and occupational therapy to strengthen that side. And she still has to start talking.

They still have to operate again to replace the part of her skull that was removed to relieve the pressure.

She's a strong little girl, and I'm sure, now, she will be fine.

Jamie and Brian have spent almost all their time going back and forth to Philly to be with her, and work with her to help with her recovery.

We all prayed to the Goddess for her healing, and she has answered us. Once again, we know, the Goddess will provide!

Every day, step by tiny step, she's improving... and I hope she will return to being the sweet little darling she was!


Steph said...

I am so happy to see this post! She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl. I still remember her romping around with her sister at Easter. I'm happy things are progressing for everyone but especially for Morganna. She's a fighter and I know she gets that from her Mom and Grandma!

Dreamers Night said...

She has made Huge progress...has a long way to go though....She now has her mouth moving too..and big smiles for mom! it's a long road..but i think in the end she will be walking it instead of driving.