Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy summer

This has been one nutso summer.... the weather went hot to breath, to wet wet wet and chilly at night, to WEIRD!!!!

Didn't even get to the beach, cause we had, sharks, stingrays, weird jelly fish thingies, and now an algae bloom.... good summer to stay away from the water!!!!

And I was out almost single day since the "Boy" decided to change his look for school...(I guess the ripped jeans got too ripped) and he wanted to go clothing shopping EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY!!!!

(for those of you not in the know... The Boy doesn't drive, having only one eye he's afraid to drive, so guess who gets to drive him all over the place?? that's right!)

But, gotta tell you, he's looking fine!!!! Haven't seen him out of the same clothing in 10 years!!!! What is it with men? Really?

He even bought himself a coat!!!!

Yes, a real coat!!! Not a hoodie, or a ski jacket, or a duster....
but a botany 500 wool coat!!!! Amazing!!!!

Then we had an earthquake!!!!! F'n A!!!! Scared the shit out of me!!!

I actually thought I was having some kind of stroke when I felt everything moving!!!!

It wasn't till I got up and turned around, and saw the water in the fish tank sloshing over the edges... that I realized it WASN'T me stroking out!!!!!! Once I realized I wasn't stroking out, I was vastly amused by it!!!

New Jersey doesn't have earthquakes (hence the thought I was having a stroke!)!!!!!!

Thank the Goddess for facebook, I was able to go one and check all my friends...most important was my best friend who lives in VA!!!! I was really worried about him!

Now we are getting ready for a Hurricane!

Mother Nature must be really pissed.... but the good thing is that it's summer!!!! Hurricanes in the winter are called Nor'easter... and it means major SNOW!!!! I'd rather have rain!!!!

And I have only 3 days left with the boy home!!!! (DOING THE HAPPY DANCE...NAKED!!!)
At least if I can convince him to stop playing video games and get to packing.

Then when he's gone..... dum dum dum... I have JURY DUTY!!! Not some nice local one... but Federal Court in Trenton.... that's like an hour away!!!! They say 2 weeks!!!

I have to admit though that I've NEVER had Jury duty before... Why? I have no clue, just never got called.... in all these years!!!

So I'm sorta looking forward to it... sorta... don't like the hour drive, but I just have to put on my big girl pantie's and suck it up! A little excited, but scared at the same time... I'm not good with NEW things. I like my old regular routine! LOL

As soon as all of this is over, and the dust settles, I'm going to have the drawing of the give-away.... so If you haven't entered yet... HURRY UP!!!


Anonymous said...

I think Mother Nature is sending us humans a big F U. lol That hurricane is huge. I'm glad I don't live near the coast.
Say safe!

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm not far from the coast either Judith and me and my family are all over the t.v. watching coverage. In an effort to make light of it, we're having a hurricane party. We plan on hitting Asbury on Monday to see how everything held up. Stay safe and be sure to get out if you need to.