Monday, August 22, 2011

Goddess bless Dear Abby!!!!

DEAR ABBY: As a former paramedic and also a food allergy sufferer, I'm acutely aware of the problems caused by this condition. Food allergies vary widely and are not limited to common ones -- nuts, shellfish, gluten or strawberries. We know what we are allergic to, and we do our best to avoid those foods.

Sometimes it's difficult to tell what's in some tasty-looking dishes at potluck gatherings. An ingredient may be used only for seasoning, but sometimes just a trace of it is all it takes to trigger a reaction. That's why I have established a practice that has always been well-received. I print out a card to attach to the dish I brought. On it I name the dish and list the ingredients.

I hope you'll find this suggestion helpful enough to pass along. It could save a life. -- JOE IN JANESVILLE, MINN.

DEAR JOE: You're right; it could -- and that's why I'm printing it. I met a widow whose husband suffered an allergic reaction and died at a dinner party, despite the frantic efforts of several physicians who were also in attendance. Forewarned is forearmed.


Dreamers Night said...

wow what a way to kill you husband, feel him food you know he is allergic to at a dinner party. Come on you can't tell me that was all accidental, not with all the physicians in attendance.