Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things I do, when the boy is at school!!!


Just 12 more days till "the boy" is back at Rutgers..... and I was sitting and thinking about the summer, and about all the things I can do, and NOT do, when the boy goes back to school!!!!

1. I don't use the dishwasher. I eat, wash my plate, and put it away. when he's home I sometimes run the dishwasher 2 times a day!

2. My refrigerator with be CLEAN!!! No piles of leftovers, and stuff that's never used. When I'm alone, I eat what I buy, and buy in portions just right for one meal.

3. I can use the washer and dryer! When he's home, one or the other ALWAYS has clothing in it!!!! And I either have to remove it, or make him do it. I want to wash when I want to wash!!!

4. I can leave my bedroom and bathroom door open!!! AT THE SAME TIME!!!! when he's home I always have to be careful since he quickly knocks and enters without waiting for me to say "come in" Drives me nuts!!!

5. I can keep the TV LOUD!!!!!! He's always telling me to turn it down cause he's reading. I'm DEAF PEOPLE, I NEED MY TV LOUD TO HEAR IT!!! Grrrrrrrr

6. I can go out to the store, anytime I want, without waiting for him to get dressed to come with me! And he always wants to come with me!!!!! Cause he's bored!!!!

7. I can talk on the phone without someone asking me, "who was that?, was that for me?, how many times a day to you talk to Barb?" or having to tell my friends I'll call them back cause he gets a phone call about school or work.

8. I can sit, NAKED, on the sofa to watch TV!!! ( I actually don't do that, but I could if I wanted to!!! giggle)

9. My house will be CLEAN! I clean it once a week, and it will stay that way. Not like when he's home and the dish's pile up in the sink, and there is a trail of crumbs from the kitchen to his room.

10. And most important, when I leave the house clean, I will come back to the house.... STILL CLEAN!!!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy when my kids are in school. The house is so clean and peaceful. Well, at least until they get off the bus.
Enjoy your peace and quiet!

The Blue Faerie said...

Oh my gosh. Is it sad that these ten things match up EXACTLY with what I love to do when my hubby's out of town? :P

Diandra said...

You mean, kids are just as bad as spouses? Which is, I could avoid all that if I left the BF and decided not to procreate?

Oh, wait... I love that guy. Drat.