Friday, August 05, 2011

I'm so ASHAMED!!!!

Really, really embarrassed!!!! How could I not notice!!!! I guess I'm just a dummy!!!!

I was so busy diddling around this summer I never noticed how my member numbers had climbed!!!!! Not only did I reach the big 100..... but I'm up to 111 before I noticed it!!!!! Bad Judi, Bad!!!!!

OK, now I've spanked myself, punishment over.... now comes the reward!!!


four items!!!!! But only 3 winners!!!!! So you can pick in the order your drawn!!!!

You know how I love my bling..... so I'm putting up 4 different blings for your viewing pleasure!!!

Bling #1 and #2 are Sterling Silver and Real Garnets!!!! The #1 necklace is very delicate but full of garnets....16 oval gem cut Garnets on a dainty sterling silver chain. #2 is magnificent!!! Gem cut and tumbled garnet beads with some nice heavy sterling sliver. Those lighter colored beads are also garnets, a very rare variety

#3 is a Stirling Silver charm bracket... made by lil ole me! As you can see it's got some cute witchy charms. cauldron, broom, kitty, witchy hat, and others!!

#4 looks like real diamonds..... but alas I couldn't afford them, but honestly you can't tell by looking at it!!!! Sterling Silver with tons of glittry "diamonds" in a really cute tennis bracket!!!

So many items, so many choice's!!!! And it's all up to you!!!! I will pick three (3) winners.... and the order they are picked, gets choice.

Now... for the hard part...... for every thing on this list you get one entry.... so you can be in the picked multiple times!!!!

1. follow me on facebook

2. comment on this entry

3. Tell others by posting it on your blog

4. Follow me on this blog!!!! (that's an important one!)

5. Give me hugs!

Remember when you comment, to TELL me what things you've done! Even if I should already know you follow me on facebook, tell me anyway!!!!!

And if your from another country...... doesn't matter.... I will ship anywhere!

What do you think? Is this a good one?

But WAIT! I will also give the #1 winner a choice of my decoupage plates!!! You'll have to check out past posts and find the plates..... and pick the one you want! (not going to make it easy for you ya know!)

Also you can pick just a plate instead of bling...... so start thinking, and entering!!!!


kristie bolding-flatt said...

AAhhh! How cool! I would like to win the witchy charm bracelet or a necklace or.... anything :D
Congrats on your page success and (((HUGS))) Gonna repost your blog link on my page now.

Gabi Stevens said...

You make beautiful bling, Judi. I'm not very crafty, but I do write books.
--Gabi Stevens

Diandra said...

I'm following you on facebook. And following your blog. And commenting. And here are the *hugs*.

(I'm coffee-deprived and high on cherries. Sorry. ^^ )

Diandra said... <<< And I wrote about it on my blog. Now I am grabbing coffee.

Brandie said...

Those are beautiful items for a giveaway! *hug* I followed you via google, and sent you a friend request on facebook :)

Leeanna said...

*Waves arms madly*
I'll be blogging about this, you know I will! I love BLING! Great BIG HUGS for you too darling

Melz said...

Tada, this is my comment, lol
I follow both your blog and your facebook ~_^

Congrats on all the followers!! YAY!

(my blog entry of your giveaway has more of your hugs on it )
Such amazing beautiful prizes by the way! Pretty pretty pretty!
**HUGS** ^_^

Iesadora said...

OMGdess! OMGdess! OMGdess! Sparkly! Pretty! Your totally talented! LOL Those are all really beautiful. I'm so glad Leeanna from Can We Have a New Witch Ours Melted posted about your giveaway. Fingers crossed =D

Iesadora said...

I'm following you on Google Friend Connect =)

Congratulations on having 111 followers ... oh wait ... 114!

Iesadora said...

Oh crap, forgot to tell you that I sent you a friend request on FB too.

Tea Witch said...

1. Friend request from L. Thurston on facebook :)

2. Here's my comment :)

3. Am now following your blog (making number 117...woot)

4. ((((((((hugs)))))))

5. My blog post on your giveaway can be found at

I love shiny things :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

1. I follow you on facebook

2. I'm commenting, and I must say that I WANT that charm bracelet; how lovely! And congrats on your over 100.

3. I'm number 118!

4. Hugs and a hug kiss too ;-)

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Congratulations on your 111!


Eric said...

You make nice bling - but I need not win (postage is an issue)

Leanne said...

hello! to one Merlins mistress from another!(my cat- definitely in charge lol!) Your giveaway id lovely, and very generous, I would love a modest little entry. I dont have a facebook account or a blog follow list, but i can leave a comment and I can do hugs!!

((hug)) ((hug)) ((hug))


bright blessings, Leanne x

The Blue Faerie said...

Pretty.... . You've enticed a bellydancer by putting out shiny things. :P

EireCrescent said...

Ooooh! I just "followed" you on your blog! That's no nice of you to do a give-away! (I also really like your blog background, very nifty!
Please add me to the drawing, I LOVE the witchy bracelet!!! I hope I win it! :D
Goddess Bless!

Judy said...

I'm commenting...

I'm following...That number keeps growing...

I'll mention on my blog...

Nothing like a good hug...hugs...

...and congratulations on your numbers...

The Traveler said...

I'm folowing
I am commenting

And I absolutely love those red necklaces!!
Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway. I gotta arrange one for My blog soon!