Saturday, May 19, 2012

summer sucks!!!

Ahhhhhh my son is home for the summer.... and that means that his food is here too!! All the goodies I CAN'T EAT because of my allergies!!!!

Food I do NOT KEEP IN THE HOUSE!!!  It is now lurking in my kitchen.

Eggs in the fridge

chocolate/blueberry muffins on the counter

bagels!!!!  Onion Bagels... in the bread box!

Freaking fried chicken in the fridge!!!!!!


When he's away, I don't have that stuff here, so suffering through my allergies is not so bad! (Not good, but without temptation, not bad!)

And now it's all there.....AND I WANT TO EAT IT ALL!!!!  I want to put one of those muffins in the microwave, heat it up, slather it with butter, and MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH!!!

And you know what, knowing that they have eggs in them, and that they would most probably KILL ME..... doesn't make a freaking difference at all!!!!!


Diandra said...

Gosh, that sucks. Your boy definitely needs to keep his food in his own room. I know the temptation bit... although most foods would kill me much slower than you, by diabetes and heart disease and not by allergic reaction.