Saturday, May 19, 2012

Odd, but nice gift

A friend of mine gave me a great gift.... one of those alarm clocks that not only buzz, but have "earth sounds" you can play all night if you having trouble sleeping.

So I tried it.  First there are "loons" (pictured above)  Did you ever HEAR loons????  They are freaking ANNOYING!!!!  They make this low croon that drive me NUTS!  It's not the sound per say, but it more that it's random and weird.... like hearing the person next to you sleeping... and they STOP BREATHING!!!  OK, that's not going to do it AT ALL!

So I tried the "rain".  Needless to say, I think I went to the bathroom like 10 times that night... NOT restful at all!  Delete that sucker!

Then I tried "wind"!  It sounded like the wind you get during a snow storm... strong and wooooooo ing.  I dreamed all night that I was lost in a snow storm and I was freezing!!!  Might be good in high summer, but otherwise... Nah

Last was "ocean"  Now I live by the sea.... I LOVE the sound of the beach and waves..... and that's all it was, waves.... made me think of being at the beach at night... alone!

Kinda scary, unless I pictured I was on the beach at night with my boyfriend... then all I could think of was a "knife welding, mask wearing crazy man... ready to chop us up in little pieces and feed us to the crabs!!!"

(I do have a good imagination, sometimes that's not a good thing!)

Now you have to understand the sounds of the beach.

 I go to seaside heights all the time and the moment I lay down on the beach, I'm snoozing away.  But it's not the sound of the waves that lull me....... It's the sound of kids playing, radios, people talking, the tick tick tick of the games on the boardwalk, the smell of the sea air mixed with fried onions and sausages!!!!  It's never quite!  The constant hummm of humanity puts me out fast asleep.

So the damn "ocean waves" wouldn't work.  But it was still a nice gift, so I'll use the alarm clock with the buzzzzzzz, and forget the rest of the stuff.

I'm telling you ladies.... LOONS SUCK!!