Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wine not?

I know it's to early to think of Christmas!  But I figure it may take you all a while to collect all these corks!
Well, giggle, at least for some of you.... others, you got it made!  giggle


Eric Klein said...

These days it is finding real cork corks that is the problem.

Too many bottles now come with synthetic (doubly environmentally unfriendly) plastic ones or screw caps.

I mean who wants a screw cap on a good bottle of wine? Yes I know that has become the norm for wines from Australia, but still.

Leeanna Henderson said...

I know where you can get loads of corks. Go to any Italian restaurant, Olive Garden is the best and talk to the manager about getting the corks. I have done it with the wine bottles which I cut the bottoms out and put candles down and the bottles over them to make hurricane lamps for the courtyard. Try asking them it couldn't hurt.