Saturday, May 05, 2012

People I hate

What's with that???? Maybe they hope you'll call them after you see their post on face book... awww poor baby, what's the matter?  But they will NEVER, EVER tell you!!! (because they are sure that not being able to get the cap off the wine cooler is actually so tragic!) Are you so wanting the attention that you have to make up stuff?  Do you think your being mysterious?

People who feel that they have to be sick for others to notice them. You can call them hypochondriacs... but it's more like...."ohhhh, I think I have chronic back pain because I'm dying and I'll have to use a wheelchair in a few years, so nothing will make me happy, I'm disabled enough that you must take extra precautions when going shopping with me, help me, make me feel better, convince other people for me that this is NOT all in my head!"  And when one sickness wears off, and people stop paying attention... they give it a year... and something NEW appears.

People who HAVE to be the center of attention... no matter how STUPID it makes them seem.  I had this one girlfriend, that every time we went dancing... you know where she was in the club because she was the ONLY ONE dancing with her hands WAVING IN THE AIR! (I think she was pretending she was belly dancing) but all she was doing was trying to call attention to herself, and it worked .... people were laughing at her all the time.

The person who doesn't have anything nice to say about ANYONE! Case in point, you invite them over to see your brand new house!!!!... and they first thing they say is "are you sure my car will be safe in this neighborhood?" Like you were living in the slums, and then it goes down from there. (they have to put you down to feel better about themselves)

People who say "I always speak my mind, if they don't like what I say, don't ask"  But they are actually chomping at the bit for you to ask them something so they can zing your ass with something nasty and down putting.   Heaven forbid you DON'T ask, because they will put the zingers into normal conversations.. like "I love those beige pants... but don't you think they are a bit too small for you?" or "I don't think they have that in your size!" and so on, and so on.

Oh and I LOVE the people who complain all the time about being so short of money.... never having enough to hit the movies or dinner.... but then they say "oh did I tell you I'm going to Egypt for a month, it was such a cheap trip I couldn't turn it down! It cost practically nothing!"  Do you think I'm an idiot???? I always treat you, or say, "oh don't bother, I've got it", but you NEVER do the same for me.... cause your so broke!

OH OH OH  and that leads to the people who NEVER, EVER pay what you did for something!!!!  They always got it (the exact same item) for a 1/4 of the price.... same thing, but much much cheaper!!!  Really, and where do you shop? Gee it was the same store...but they thought you were so pretty and special that they reduced the price to way below cost... JUST FOR YOU!  Aren't you special?

And yes, I know I'm in a grouchy ass place right now, but all those things have happened to me in the last 2 weeks!!!  It's like all the idiots out there decided to gang up on my ass with this CRAP!

sigh, I feel better now.... well, maybe not.... I'm going to look up "how to make voodoo dolls" up on the Internet, maybe that will help some.

Or maybe I should just get some new friends???


Leeanna Henderson said...

I don't go on FB as much as I used to.I been on G+ for a while now. It's very quiet there.