Sunday, April 29, 2012

No, that's NOT me silly!!! That's my girlfriend Barb. She came over this week, and decided to try on my Star Trek wig that will go with my costume this year...... hopefully I will look better in it! LOL

I know I'm such a putz. My sister is always complaining that I plan stuff way to much, and I do.... but I can't help it.

It all started when I cleaned out my closet, and realized that the boots I wear with my costume weren't in the closet..... (can you hear the music that was played in Jaws?)

I went to the shed to get my suitcase out. Now, I only use this suitcase for the Star Trek convention... and I have a really bad habit of taking all the clothing out, zipping it up, and putting it in the shed... without removing anything else! I know it's bad, but after the con I'm tired.

So I got it out, and found the boots and tights I wore still in it! So, I washed the tights, polished the boots and put them back in the suitcase...

Now I'm afraid to put it away... what if I need to add stuff????? Can we all say anal? Yes, yes we can.

So I'm leaving the suitcase on the trunk at the bottom of my bed, unzipped, so that when I find stuff I can just chuck it in the suitcase!

Did I mention the Convention isn't till AUGUST this year!