Sunday, April 22, 2012

My windows are very big, and low to the ground. The last few summers I've been pissed about having to lock up all the windows when I leave... keeping the air out. But an open window so low to the ground is just a temptation waiting for a crook! I bought different types of locking devices... supposed to be good if you want to leave your windows open a bit, but not make it accessible.... and they all sucked!!!! So yesterday I went to Michale's... and bought some wooden dowels. I opened the window enough to let fresh air in, but not big enough for a body to crawl through.... and cut the dowels to fit the tip of the open window to the top of the window frame.
And I went outside, removed the screen... and tried with all my might to open the window and dislodge the stick... and no go, it stayed in place!!! Now I can leave the house, and keep the windows open at the same time!!!