Thursday, April 05, 2012

I'm getting crafty!

I picked up this room freshener at the dollar store last year. I thought it was a great idea because the top could open just a little or all the way just by rotating the cap... so you could get a little scent or lots depending on your mood.

Well a year later I noticed during my spring cleaning, that they didn't smell anymore... so I was just about to chuck them in the garbage when my "Mother Earth" teaching took hold and I decided to check out the container.

The top screws off!!!!!!

Ohhhhh, so I peeled the label off, and put it in some hot soapy water to get the rest of the label off. and there you go!

I new have a fresh herb diffuser!!!!

I can fill the container with my own mix of fragrant herbs, and use the natural ingredients as room fresheners!!!!!

I love to recycle!!!!!!


Diandra said...

My younger sister said something about baking soda mixed with essential oils as room freshener, you might want to try that if just herbs does not work. ^^

Linda in New Mexico said...

love this repurpose.
Also if you get fruit in those meshy plastic bags, you can use them to hold your herbs to hang to dry. I also use the ones turkeys come in. Oma Linda

Chaotic Dreamer said...

Love this idea!!!!

Judith said...

Baking soda is to kill smells... I want mine to smell!!! I'll use dried herbs and even some needles I saved from the christmas tree

Judy said...

Smart women...