Friday, April 20, 2012

white vodoo dolls

Poppets, or voodoo dolls can also be used for healing. Make a voodoo doll out of white material, and some ribbons for a girl, or some denim for a boy !

If you can't manage to get a piece of the persons hair, put something on the doll that reminds you of them. You can draw a face, or use yarn to mimic their hair, even add a few drops of the person's perfume or aftershave.


White Voodoo Doll-used in health rituals. Attach the name of person to be helped and a piece of their hair. Anoint two red radiant health candles with appropriate oil, (Balsam Fir, Amber, Clove, and Eucalyptus are good ones for health) and sprinkle the oil on the doll. Light the candles on each side of the doll and say a prayer asking for good health.

Goddess grant this one health
a better life, free of pain,
no longer let her/his energy drain!
as my will so mote it be!