Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bad Neighbors!!!!

A question was asked about getting rid of a "Bad Neighbor"... without killing them. LOL  this is what you do.

Get a jug of water... could be just a bottle of water (the small kind will do, no need for a huge jug) even a milk bottle filled with water is fine too.

Add to it some rosemary and a pinch of sage, and put it as close to your neighbor as you can...

 BETWEEN you and them.

Such as in an apartment, if they are above you... put the bottle on top of a bookshelf or your fridge. if they are below you, just put it somewhere in the corner of your living room! 

If you live in a house, but the bottle outside between your house's.

Not sure why it works, but the water between you and them.... will cause them to move or change for the better. I've done this and it works fantastic!!!


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to get rid of our neighbours but then I'd worry someone worse would move in so I haven't attempted anything.