Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We aren't talking Voodoo dolls.... but POPPETS!  Sometimes we need some sort of catalyst to be able to envision a spell we are doing.. And a Poppet works fine.

You can make one out of any material. popsical sticks, dried grass's, even stuff you buy at the dollar store to use in flower arrangements.

Be artistic, have fun making a poppet!  

When your done, clip and paste a picture of the person your doing the spell for on it, or just write their name on it somewhere. You can also add some fabric or a gift that they have touched.. attach it to the poppet.

This works really great for healing spells... it helps you visualize the person your trying to heal

Always hold the poppet in your less dominate hand... so that you can use the dominate hand for lighting candles etc.

For a loved one... hold the poppet to your heart during the spell... hold it further away for friends and so on. DO NOT let go of the doll during the spell, or the casting will break!

After the spell, wrap the poppet in a clean cloth, and place it in the ground in your yard (or a flower pot if you have only a patio) and plant a plant over it or just drop some seeds in the hole with it. (if it's winter)

This will ensure that you spell keeps growing strong!